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Alpha Communication GmbH supports internationally active companies, marketing and PR agencies as well as law firms and auditing companies with all kinds of translation and linguistic services.



We translate texts in a wide range of specialist fields from and into all official languages of the European Union as well as approximately 25 other world languages. For your project, we always ensure we’re working with professional, qualified and experienced technical linguistic experts translating into their respective native languages.

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Terminology management

By strictly observing your company’s dedicated terminology, we hone your texts with a naturally consistent, unified voice. CAT (computer-aided translation) tools and select linguistic experts help us maintain in-depth terminological databases for all our clients.

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Desktop publishing | Foreign-language typesetting

We create your European, Oriental and Asian documentation in all common layout programmes.

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To ensure that your foreign-language documentation and websites hit the mark in foreign markets, we adapt the translations to the target country’s specific linguistic and prevailing cultural conditions.

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Editing & Copy Editing

We proofread and edit texts in a wide range of languages and subject areas, making sure the final product is 100% correct and exactly how you envisioned it.

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To find a tailor-made solution for your unique requirements, we provide comprehensive consultations on your international projects.

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Quality and project management

Our quality management consistently meets the highest standards.

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