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Terminology management

Analogous to corporate design, corporate language is the consistent use of a uniform vocabulary and style in all of your company’s foreign-language texts.

By strictly adhering to your own terminology – from the website and image brochure to the cover letter – your company speaks with one voice.

Term databases help us ensure a consistent voice through the consistent documentation of your company’s terminology. We integrate these terms into the translation process, expand them to include newly added terminology after translation and meticulously maintain them for the next project. We use the latest industry-specific CAT (computer-aided translation) tools to help us with terminological tasks.

Term databases also reduce processing time and costs for translations, since terminology and phrases mined from already-finished translations make the work with new projects all the smoother. In other words, applicable texts already in the database can be used for the new translation, reducing the overall cost while maintaining the same high quality.