Translation of texts from a wide range of fields, from and into 50 different languages.

Your documents will be translated exclusively by professional, qualified and experienced specialist translators, working into their respective mother tongue.

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Desktop Publishing / Multilingual Typesetting

Compilation of documents in European, Oriental and Asian languages in all standard layout applications.

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Express Service


Our Express Service can help you meet tight deadlines.


Terminology Management

Consistent use of standard terminology in all of your company's foreign language texts:Alpha CORPORATE LANGUAGE

Through strict adherence to set corporate terminology, your company will be "singing from the same songbook".

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Proofreading and editing of texts in an extremely wide range of languages ​​and fields.

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Quality Management


Our translations are supplied in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17100 standard and we are accredited by DIN CERTCO (registration no. 7U191).

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DIN EN ISO 17100 standard

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Adapting texts in line with the primary linguistic and cultural requirements for the target country.
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Consultancy Services


Detailed advice on our language services, to find the tailor-made solution for your specific needs.

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