Rather like "corporate design", we understand "corporate language" to be the consistent application of standard terminology and style in all of your company's foreign language texts.


Through strict adherence to set corporate terminology - from your website to corporate brochures and correspondence - your company will be "singing from the same songbook" in all of your texts. This increases consumer understanding of your products and services, thereby reducing the workload on your support departments and preventing misunderstandings and the ensuing hidden costs.

Corporate Language allows you to maintain the linguistic consistency and quality of the services you provide and leave a good impression on your customers.


We compile terminology databases for our clients to ensure consistent use of terminology. These databases are incorporated into the translation process and we update them with new terminology after each translation and maintain them systematically. For this we use the very latest "Computer-Aided Translation tool" (CAT tool) software developed for the translation industry.


The use of terminology databases also helps reduce the processing time and costs of translations.

By drawing on previous translations from the terminology database, it is possible to cut down on the time required to translate new texts.

A lower price is charged per word when text from the database is incorporated into the new translation.


Alpha CORPORATE LANGUAGE includes the following services:

  • translation of all texts using your specific corporate terminology, through incorporation of terminology databases into the translation process;
  • guaranteeing that your company's specific corporate style guidelines are adhered to in all foreign language texts;
  • creating terminology databases based on existing foreign-language texts;
  • working in conjunction with the client to develop and maintain the client's specific corporate terminology;
  • creating and updating Corporate Dictionaries with the client's specific corporate terminology.


Please ask if you would like more details about this.